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I am you .... and no I'm not trying to be spiritual or philosophical. 

People born in or after 1997, classify as 'Generation Z'. You know, the same Gen Z that older people associate with hedonism, laziness, and fragility. Alternatively Boomers and Millennials, who grew up throughout the 60s to the 80s are labelled as conservative, stubborn, old-fashioned by the new generation. Whos' right and who's not?

We often see global leaders and famous figures talk about their experiences....their journey through life. What we don't see often is everyone else, young or old talk about their stories.

Until now...

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I'm a Business and Marketing graduate from The Australian National University (ANU). As an extrovert, I love meeting new people and learning about their experiences. Work and study aside, I've spent the last 5 years reading a variety of books, listening to a range of podcasts, and speaking to a number of different people to learn about new ideas.


While I enjoy talking about nearly everything, I have a soft spot for anything relating to technology, health & wellness, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality to name a few.

On this channel, you'll find my thoughts shared out loud. Ideas, and a little more.


Ideas & More was conceived as a platform to share ideas. Often individuals who have something worthwhile to share about their lives, are unable to do due to the fear of being judged, or misunderstood. What they needed was a platform, a channel to come together and intereract with like minded people. Ideas & More is that platform. 

Here you have the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideals, values and experience in the form of a podcast, or a blog post; regardless of which part of the world you're from. On this channel, you have access to inspiring content content created by people like you. 


I'm not special, I'm just an individual with an outspoken attitude towards life. 

We live in a big world
Help me make it smaller by sharing your story. 

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