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Ideas and More is a blog & podcast channel that covers subjects relating to philosophy, psychology, technology, relationships, and spirituality. Initially, Ideas and More started as a platform that invited Generation Z individuals to share ideas, stories, and experiences. With time, I wanted to expand it and talk about the topics that were of interest to me. Topics like the purpose/meaning of life, the existence of the self or ego, understanding emotions and responses, love and friendships, and so on. 

Critical thinking and skepticism lie at the core of Ideas and More episodes. Each topic aims to find the root cause and effect, beyond the surface level appearances. Some topics may be controversial, some may be exciting, so if you're someone who likes thought-provoking discourses, maybe this is for you!

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I'm a highly extroverted individual living in Canberra, Australia. With a Commerce, and Marketing background, I dabble in all things technology, business, economics, philosophy, psychology, relationships, and spirituality. Work and study aside, I've spent the last 5 years reading a variety of books, listening to a range of podcasts, and speaking to a number of different people to learn about new ideas.

On this channel, you'll find my thoughts shared out loud. Ideas, and a little more.

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